About Me

Captain Bill (the one in the sunglasses!)

I am Capt. Bill Kinney, aka “The Fishing Sailor”.  

My father introduced me to fishing before I can remember.  We started fishing from a small rowboat on a local lake, and as Dad could afford bigger boats, we graduated to fishing in the bays and ocean of the New Jersey shoreline. Flounder, fluke, bluefish, striped bass, bonito were our usual targets.  As an adult I have fished on the east and west coasts in rivers, lakes and oceans. I have owned a boat of one sort or another for every day of my adult life.

Karen and I heading out under the golden Gate Bridge at the beginning of our on-going adventure of a lifetime.

Since 1999 I have lived on a sailboat; first on the west coast of the USA, then more recently on the east coast migrating with my partner Karen from Maine to the Caribbean with the seasons. As we have moved around, we have learned enough about fishing that we can keep the two freezers on our boat full of fish.  Tuna, grouper, snapper, mahi-mahi, and wahoo have been our favorites in the tropics.  Flounder, cod, pollack, and haddock are our cold water favorites.

After retiring from a career in engineering and management, I taught adults to sail for several years, then Karen and I set off to sail the world. I enjoy using the internet to teach people to catch fish to feed themselves, and have fun doing it.

I am a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain for vessels up to 100 tons.  In addition to fishing, I am a skilled sailor, and a knowledgable boat mechanic, photographer and writer.

You can read about our sailing adventures here: http://fetchinketch.net

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