Fishing Tackle

Recommending tackle to people you don’t know is a very difficult task. Cost vs value is a very personal decision. Also, people are interested in different kinds of fish and different kinds of fishing. 

No question, there is a lot of tackle on the market at the low end (i.e., cheap!) that will be more frustrating to a new fisherman than it will be productive. On the other hand, you can spend thousands (yes, thousands!) of dollars for tiny incremental improvements that only someone who fishes 7 days a week would even notice.

Collected here will be my postings on tackle recommendations. I hope you find them helpful no matter if you follow them exactly, or merely as general guidelines.

My objective here is to give you some alternatives that will give you good value for money spent. There is no question that the more money you spend, the better the tackle will be. I will tell you up front what a good price for this gear is, and why I think it meets the criteria I set.

People living on, and fishing from, sailboats can not allocate a dozen different outfits to a variety of fishing styles. Even if the budget allowed, space does not. Each rig they bring aboard has to earn its keep by being flexible and useful in a variety of scenarios.