• Awesome Poke
    On the US mainland “poke” is a dish commonly associated with Japanese Sushi Restaurants. Except the origin is not Japanese, it is Hawaiian, or rather that unique Asian/Polynesian cultural amalgam that is our 50th state. […]
  • Eating Fish Safely in the Tropics
    In many parts of the tropical oceans fish are poison. That might seem an unduly alarmist statement, but it is true of some fish. Ciguatera Fish Poisoning (CFP) affects tens of thousands of people every […]
  • Simple, Hearty, Fish Chowder
    This is a great recipe for cooking onboard, or at home. It works well with a variety of fish. Plain white fish, like snapper, would be classic, but we love it with mahi-mahi too. The […]
  • Caring For Your Catch
    One of the delights of catching your own fish is that when treated right it is a food unlike anything you can get anywhere else.  Fish caught, cleaned, and frozen or refrigerated within minutes of […]